About Creole Creative Canvases

Kim Kenner Owner of Creole Creative Canvases



I am a Native of New Orleans, LA. Growing up in the Garden District gave me access to a diverse world of art early in life that I took for granted.  Art for me was always a part of my life whether it was music, dance, photography, or painting it was easily available and the norm. My journey in the Arts started off with dancing. I did ballet, tap, jazz, I even danced with an African dance Troupe. I danced my entire life even through College. The parades we marched had some of the most magnificent pieces of arts created and we experienced them all of the time.

For me, I have always been a creative spirit. I received the Key to the City for writing a poem to our Mayor. It was from Shakespeare’s Julius Ceasar but I changed the words to honor the Mayor. This was not for a contest or anything, I just woke up and felt creative so I created. Being a Girl Scout growing up and then becoming a Leader for 10 years our motto is to leave a place better than you found it. I like to apply this to each of my customer’s experiences when they experience any service or product with Creole Creative Canvases.

I found once I left New Orleans Art was not always as accessible and you had to be intentional to be in the community. Although I left my community the creativity was still in me and I was still creating. I have always enjoyed entertaining and hosting parties. Many would say my parties were awesome because of all the thought and creativity put into them. I realized it was time for me to make sure that others have the same accessibility to the Arts I had growing up. Hence, the birth of Creole Creative Canvases.

All these experiences have formed in me the unshakeable belief in a mindfulness approach to painting. One that gets you to a place of peace using art. 

We view the world as a canvas and each person is the artist of our own lives. We all choose to paint our world as we see it.  Creole Creative Canvases' mission is to create a safe space for each person to expose their inner artist through each customer experience with our brand.

Kim Kenner
Founder & CEO