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Where Color, Community, and Creativity Collide

We realize that the world is a canvas and we are the artist of our own lives. We all choose to paint our world as we see it.

Who We Are


What an amazing art experience I had with Creole Creative Canvases. Great networking for my organization. They brought creativity, fun and we brought the wine.

Patrina (GWMB Founder)

Ms.Kenner is full of life and has an amazing personality. My residents love her and looks forward to all the resident events that include Creole Creative Canvases.

D. Kuzmik (Cortland Apts.)

Since 2020 I’ve been in this class and I’ve loved every day that I’ve had it. The art and the people in my class have made me happier every time. I love this class so much. This class is so amazing. I love all the drawings she does for us too.

SASHA (Homeschool Art Class)


Woman pouring tea

The Art of Mindfulness Tea Drinking

Find your inner calm with a meditative tea ceremony. Tea ceremonies can be traced back to the far East, where it has been practiced for centuries.

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Children and Mindfulness Painting

Mindfulness painting has immense benefits for young children. Through mindfulness painting, young children can unwind from everyday stress.

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Homeschool Art and Creative Children

Children are with wild and colorful imaginations. They don't worry about perfection. Hence, amazing art comes from inside them.

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Real People Real Art Real Peace

We believe that the rich beauty of art comes not only from tangible creation; but the inner transformation of being present in the moment and reaping the benefits of taking a mindfulness approach to artistic expression is key.